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Multiple notifications on iPhone towards end of charging

Not sure whether this the app or the car/module....

Installed latest module and v3 last night. Right at the end of charging I get multiple notifications on my phone as the charge rate drops towards zero and then several notifications when charging stops; all happens in a very short space of time.

Example: at end of charging this afternoon (3.27pm EDT) I received 36 notifications on my phone.

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I can't see any obvious

I can't see any obvious problem with the registration of your vehicle notifications.

I do see the notifications you mention. They seem to be 'charging', 'charge stopped', 'charging', 'charge stopped', 'charging' , ..., 'charging done', and then complete. Very strange. Seems to be the car things the charging is being stopped and restarted multiple times before finally completing.

Perhaps best to raise a support ticket here and we can investigate.

Clipper Creek Charger maybe?

When the battery nears fully charged I know the voltage drops but I assume the car is telling the Clipper Creek to do that; then right near the end it will 'sip' a few more electrons a couple times. I took screen shots of the notifications (if needed) and it's following that pattern, just leads to a high number of notifications in total.

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Conclusion is that this

Conclusion is that this appears to be:


A known issue between Tesla Roadster and Clipper Creek chargers. The CCID check when charging stops is triggering the roadster to restart charging, and that continues until the car is too full to even start charging.

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