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OVMS v3 network connection drops out

Hi, can I confirm if this is normal behaviour for the module please: My Tesla Roadster lives in a garage with WiFi so that is the primary network connection, but whenever I drive the car the connection is lost. Unplugging the connector to force a restart (when I park again) enables the modem to connect to the cellular network but this does not seem like the intended model.

The connection drops out when I start the car even within Wifi range and certainly when it has been using the cellular network. Is there an auto-restart function triggered by a dropped connection?
thanks for any advice

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The behaviour you describe is

The behaviour you describe is not at all normal. The module should be able to switch between wifi and gsm without issue. For example, if it can’t establish a gsm connection after a while it completely power cycles the modem.

I will need to get some details off you, to check logs, but need a secure way of doing this (which the support ticket system provides). Please raise a support ticket and we will follow up from there.

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