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OVMS v3 reporting wrong/very high speed

Just starting to use OVMS v3 with my new e-Niro. Great project.

Besides the stability issues - see https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2260 - I'm seeing another strange behaviour, which is reporting very high speeds while the car is running (i.e. 1492,4kph).

I miss something on the setup configuration, or this number is simply wrong?

Wrong Speed

Hi rroca
This is fixed and currently in a pull request. Hopefully it will be out in an eap release soon.


happy to hear that.


I've upgrading tothe EDGE firmware, and testing for more than a week, I can verify that reported speed looks fins now, also solves the problem on stability:

So it improved a lot. Thanks!

Now I'm seeing another incorrect reading (minor impact) on estimated range, but opening a new threat for that.

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