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OVMS as an AP

Hi there,

Is it possible to use the OVMS With modem as a router, so I can share the internet Connection from the modem With the rest of the car (DashCam, Navigation)?

I have Connection With the server using the modem With a datacard from Telenor, and I have tried With APN 'telenor' and 'internet.public', and tried Google Public DNS in combinations..

I have Connection to the OVMS from my phone and car, but no internet Access..

Is this even possible, and in case - how to?


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No, not possible. The

No, not possible. The connection between the modem and the OVMS is low speed (115,200 baud) - enough for the telemetry and remote access we use it for, but not enough for sharing Internet.

You can configure it the other way - Wifi in the OVMS connecting to another 3G/4G access point in the car.

Ok, a bit disappointing - but

Ok, a bit disappointing - but I guess this is to make sure the traffic stays at low cost level.

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Also to keep cost of device

Also to keep cost of device down, and most importantly power consumption.

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