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Hyundai Kona EV compatibilities

Hi, I just wante to give an update on this.  I'm using vesion 3.2.005/ota_0/edge (build idf v3.3-beta3-772-gc3465e0 Sep 19 2019 16:10:10) and is working with these options:

  • State of charge
  • GPS location (if you select an Ampera Vehicle photo), since there is no photo por e-Niro or Kona, I've seleted Kia Soul and the location in the map is seen blank. 
  • 12 aux monitor
  • Batery temperature
  • Doors Lock/Unlocked status

What is not working ok, is the Charge Status and Charge interruption alert. It always shows something like this (ethier  it's charging up or not):

Not charging
SOC: 50%
Ideal range: 220km
Est. range: 230Km

In the order hand, if you start the car and drive almost each 5 minutes you get a notification with the text above (at least 3 or 4 notifications). 

Other thing that is now working form the Web UI is to custom the Battery Capacity, you can change and save, but then the textbox is empty again (with the default value).

I hope this issues are solved in future realeases. 

BTW, I'm using IOS 13.1.3 and a Hyundai Kona 39.2kWh.

Charging status

Tested with my own car, it seems that if you connect the app the status will change. I think it has been like this all the time. I will try to find the cause of it and put in a future release. Meanwhile, could you confirm this behavior.

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