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Tesla Model 3


I'd like to start on adding support for the Tesla Model 3.
Can someone add or advise on what vehicle name to use ?



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As discussed on eMail,

As discussed on eMail, vehicle type will be T3 and a stub vehicle module has been created for you to work from.

In progress..

Hi Mark,

Somehow I still dont receive your emails but i had already found the stub and started working on it.

Most of the standard features as displayed in the (ios) app do work (based on the latest Tesla V10 firmware). Is there an easy way to add the images/outline of the Model3 to the ios app ?

I do however have noticed some strange behaviour recently when uploading the firmware. When using make flash or make app-flash I have to manually press the S2 button on the module otherwise the upload fails.
Also for some unknown reason the OVMS module is locking up when connecting to the CANbus in the car whereas when connecting it to my CANbus on the testbench it works fine.
It did work for a few days when previously connecting it in the car. All other devices like Peak USB, Leonardo CANBUS or ESP32 (from EVTV) work flawlessyl when connected in the car (standard 9pin subd)
Could this be some sort of hardware problem in the module ?

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When you've completed the

When you've completed the work on the module, we can get the images added to the android and iOS apps. We will need a set of images, similar to the ones already in those projects (main display image, status display image, top-down map image) - usually one for each colour.

The 'make flash' uses the data control pins (on rs232) to control the reset and boot pins on the ESP32. That should work reliably, nowadays, but it does depend on the USB driver in the PC/Mac.

Regarding 'locking up', I would need more details. Easiest is to have a laptop showing log output (via usb) when you connect it to the car.

Probably best to discuss these issues on the developers mailing list.

Regards, Mark.

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Getting support for the Tesla

Getting support for the Tesla Model 3 is a cool project! You could go with a name like "Tesla Model 3" for the vehicle, which sounds pretty accurate.

Has there really been so

Has there really been so little completed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y support?

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