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Version 1.8.1 iPhone App - recent display improvement goes too far (Roadster)

Thanks for updating the iPhone App! Version 1.8.1 did eliminate some annoyances.

However, the change to keep all of the temperature readings looking like they are active once the Tesla Roadster goes to sleep introduces two new issues:

- All of the temperatures, except for Battery, SHOULD display as stale once the Roadster goes to sleep (Pump off). Only the Battery temperature will be updated until next wake-up.

- This change removes the useful visual check to remotely see if the Roadster has gone to sleep.

I would recommend going back to the old display behavior for all temperature readings except Battery.

Thanks for your help.

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I've raised a GitHub issue

I've raised a GitHub issue for the developers here:


I think the issue is better handled in the vehicle module firmware itself, than in the App.

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