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2017 30kwh - no SOC

Just installed ovms and updated firmware and connected with car on ready to drive it does not pull SOC. Only get SOH, PEM temp and 12v battery reading.

Anyone else with similar car with new 30kwh BMS firmware get it going?

I recently installed OVMS in

I recently installed OVMS in a 2016 30kWh LEAF which I believe is the same as the 2017 version. SoC reading worked fine.

Are you connecting the ODB2 cable directly to the ODB2 socket and not using any splitters or adaptors? Ovms requires use of more ODB2 pins than regular ODB2 readers use.

Have you selected Nissan LEAF and the battery correct size on the vehicle config page?
Please post an output of "ovms# metrics list" shell command

I was using an extension so

I was using an extension so plugged in directly still nothing,.. then put it into drive and suddenly came to life.
So if I undestand it correctly the car needs to be on for the battery SOC to update? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Correct, the can needs to be

Correct, the can needs to be switched on (or charging) for most metrics to update. This is not an issue since the SoC will only change if the car is switched on or charging.

Can you check if remote climate will work on your 2017 leaf? You may need to unplug the TCU if you notice the remote climate power up then immediately stop: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MuvpCaXQUjbCdoox6

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