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OVMS v3 Base Module Stock Availability

I've been trying to pick up an OVMS v3 Base Module from FastTech, but they seem to have been sold out for several weeks, as of January 6th, 2020. Same situation with the OVMS v3 w/ Modem kit, hasn't been available for some time.

I was wondering if anyone knew if/when these were coming back into stock?

I’ve also been waiting. Hope

I’ve also been waiting. Hope they’re available soon.

FastTech out of stock indefinitely


I reached out to FastTech, they seem to have supply chain issues and don’t anticipate new production - here is the response to my query:

Dear EvsSoul

We are really sorry to write here that the item 9642829 had been discontinued and we can't find the other supplier, so it may not be in our stock again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Are there plans for new production of model 3? or replacement?

I’m new to the community ( Kia Soul Ev 2019 for 1 week), so please forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong place.

I’m able to offer assistance, I deal with Chinese manufacture daily.... but in soft goods... I have a little experience in PCB manufacture - but it has been 20 years... Let me know how I can help.  

Regards, EvsSoul

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FastTech out of stock indefinitely


I'm pretty sure that's a mistake on the Fasttech support side. We're investigating the issue. Glyn Hudson has listed the EU kit to be expected back in stock on January 20.


Yes, we will have more V3
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Apologies for the confusion.

Apologies for the confusion. Fasttech support are probably just giving a boilerplate answer. I’ve asked them to mark these kits as “SOLD OUT” to avoid confusion.

New stock is coming very soon (within days). Manufacturing is complete, and the factory is doing QC now. Both Fasttech and openenergymonitor should be fully replenished. Fasttech should get theirs this week, and openenergymonitor next week (a few days shipping to EU).

If you are in EU, please buy from openenergymonitor. They have local stock and can handle things like RMA repairs locally.

Regards, Mark

P.S. The US kit coming into stock are now FCC approved.

Great news!

Hi Mark,

Great news!

I’m in Canada - so I’ll get the US kit.

Any idea if Fasttech will have them and be able to ship before closing for Chinese New Year ? Is there someone “in the know” there that I could be in touch with directly? Do they use Wechat?

Thanks again!

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Fasttech will get stock on

Fasttech will get stock on Sunday, but they are closing for CNY on Monday,

If you, or others, need it urgently I can ship from my stock in Hong Kong. Message me for details.

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