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Connecting iPhone app

I just received my OVMS box and configured it for my e-Nero. That part works fine, but I have trouble getting the iPhone app working.

I understand that I have to fill in some information in ‘settings’ of the phone first, but it is rather confusing to me what information is to be filled in where. I couldn’t find any instructions and the different fields here and in the app use other names than those used in the online settings at openvehicles.com. It would be helpful if the same thing was called by the same name everywhere.

1. In the settings on my phone I have to fill in the server. It say now ‘tmc.openvihicles.com’, but I had to make an account at dexters-web.de. What is the correct server address here?

2. What is the correct port number that should be used?

3. Then the head ‘www.openvihicles.com’ (settings) it asks for ‘username’ and ‘password’. Rather confusing: the un/pw of openvihicles.com, the main account on dexters-web or the cars account on dexters-web?

There are four fields to fill in when entering a new car, but since the names ‘vehicle ID’ and ‘Vihicle label’ are different from the field names in dexters-web online, I don’t know what to use where.

Sorry if I missed any instructions that describe this. I’ve looked ‘everywhere’ and tried many options but gave up. There are too many possibilities.
Help would be very much appreciated.

And maybe someone can make an instruction somewhere so other users can find the right way to do this?

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You should use the same

You should use the same settings as you entered into the vehicle module itself.

If you are using Dexter's EU server, the name is


Leave port at default (6867).

In www.openvehicles.com section you should put in the username and password for the server you are using (in your case Dexter's web).

Then in the App, Settings/New you enter:

Vehicle ID: The vehicle ID you put into the module
Vehicle Label: Whatever you want as the nickname of your vehicle
OVMS Server Password: The password you set in the module for the OVMS v2 server
OVMS Module Password: The password you set in the module for the module itself

Regards, Mark

Can I get some more details

Can I get some more details here. I've been trying to get the iPhone app going with no luck.

Let me confirm a few points:

  1. The Module and the cellular modem are all working, and showing connected on the module status page.
  2. I am connecting to OVMSv2 Server at api.openvehicles.com (with default port of 6870).
  3. I have a user account on www.openvehicles.com, with the vehicle registered.

Now for clarity, in the iPhone settings for OVMS Server - Ive entered "api.openvehicles.com"

In the www.openvehicles.com section, ive tried both my username & password to log into the www.openvehicles.com site, and also I've tried putting the vehicleID and the server password.

No matter what I've tried to enter, when  I go to the app, settings, and click the <new> ... I can only select a vehcle photo, I get no page to enter any parameters.

Where I am I going astray ?



Got it working. Thanks

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There is a problem with the

There is a problem with the iOS App under iOS 14 in light mode. We have a revised version under testing at the moment.

Can you try to change to dark mode (in iOS settings) and then going into OVMS App again? You should then see the fields required. You can switch back to light mode once the setup is complete.



Thanks Mark !

That was indeed the blocking issue.

Now connected and moving data.

Thanks - and Woohoo !

There is now an updated app for ios.

But my settings are "light mode"  and the map is very dark.  Also I am missing the 12V Battery history that is available under android 

Same problem

I'm having the same problem too with the iPhone app. Everything is set up and I can see data from the car, but I don't see the AC option on the "Car" screen like I do on Android

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