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Ioniq Ev Support

Hello everyone.
Is Ioniq EV compatible whith Ovms?

Thanks everyone.

Hi there,

Hi there,

I used to have an Ioniq EV and have same friends with that car and they are interested in the OVMS module. Does anyone know if it works?



I'm afraid the Ioniq is not

I'm afraid the Ioniq is not currently supported 



Let's make it compatible!

I suggest that we set up a group of enthusiasts to develop the support for Ioniq EV. I am in!

What would be the steps to develop this?

Is there a guidance on how to get started somewhere? OK, found it on https://www.openvehicles.com/developers

but I am still a bit uncertain if OBD-II would be enough for Ioniq to get the basic functionality working (such as State of Charge, Start / Stop charging, pre-heat)

I have understood that no documents regarding the CAN(?) bus commands for Ioniq has been released by Hyundai so we'd need to somehow reverse engineer the traffic.




Anyone making progress?


not yet

I have received the hardware, but no progress yet. I tried to collect logs, but as Ioniq is not on the vechiles list, didn't succeed.

Shall I compile my own firmware to get Ioniq on the vechiles list? I'd appreciate guidance on how to get started.

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You need to install the "edge

You need to install the "edge" firmware release to get the Ioniq.


Silviu Petre
The .bin file for firmware update

Can you tell me where to download the .bin file for update, in order to select Hyundai Ioniq from vechiles list? Now I have selected the vehicle type "Kia Niro / Hyundai Kona EV" and I can receive some data about my Ioniq (2020 38Kwh) and I can even lock / unlock the car.


Silviu Petre

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From the web interface, show

From the web interface, show the config firmware page, and set the release tag to 'edge'. Then do a normal OTA update.

Silviu Petre
Ioniq 2020 - 38kwh

I managed to successfully connect my Ioniq (model 2020 - 38kwh) to OVMS hardwere and I can confirm that it works. In the web interface I configured the car like Kia Niro/Hyundai Kona and the data is correct, except for the estimated range. I failed to change the battery capacity from 64000 wh to 38300 wh and from here I think this error occurs. I can lock and unlock the doors, check the state of charge, check the location of the car, TPMS. I can't set pre-heat conditions and I can't start / stop charging, but I'm convinced that in the future it will be possible.
In this way, I would ask those who know how to add the 38kwh Ioniq as a separate car and solve that battery bug.

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