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Roald Nakstad
Wiring for door lock and ignition to EGPIO-ports


In the web-console under 'Smart ED 3.gen '- 'Features' there are settings for using EGPIO-ports to lock, unlock, ignition and lock status. But I'm unable to find any descriptions of those wirings. Can anybody point me to where to find it, and give me a short description of how to wire these up? 

Just got my first EV, a Smart ForTwo 2014. And since I live in Norway, I would like to preheat by turning ignition on also when not connected to the mains.




SmartED 3 EGPIOs Ignition

I haven't documented yet.
For ignition you need an KFZ Relay a Fuse and some wire.

In Features Settings set Ignition to SW_12V (DA 26 pin 18)



if you have more questions ask me.

The door lock/unlock i'll document later

Roald Nakstad
Nice! Thank you ;-)

Relay and 26p connector ordered. I'l give an update when arrived and wired up.

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