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OVMS not connecting with Server

Using OVMS app on android v. 3.15.1
Firmware v.3.2.008

OVMS app is not connecting with server.

Password was verified correct, but OVMS hasn't synced with server since app was updated. Rebooted module several times.

The webserver is working fine, and the modem is working properly. SIM card is activated and working as well.

Not sure what else to do.

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Best to open a support ticket

Best to open a support ticket here, with the output of the 'module summary' command.

My OVMS was working fine as

My OVMS was working fine as well but after updating to the latest firmware I cannot connect to server either V2 or V3. Did you find a solution?

Nevermind, sorry for the

Nevermind, sorry for the inconvenience. Updated to 3.2.013 seemed to solve the problem.

Thank you so much

OVMS V2 module which commands for IP server

hi, I have an old OVMS V2 module, updated, how can I configure the OVMS server and what is the IP of the server, please which command should I send with SMS for a correct configuration? thanks to those who want to help me

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OVMS V2 module

Dolamo, this board is meant for the v3 module. There is a dedicated board for v2 modules.

Regarding your question, see the v2 FAQ: https://dexters-web.de/faq/en#configuration

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