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Can’t get notifications on iPhone

I’m a new user of OVMS, installed and running on a Kia eNiro for almost 2 weeks. Everything works great, I can connect with the car using the OVMS iPhone App and so on, see the car and battery status, etc but I can’t receive notifications. To my understanding (please, correct me if I’m wrong) I should receive notifications in my iPhone App when the cars stops charging or the 12V battery is too low. Well, I do not. I also tried the Pushover App and can’t even send a demo notification to test connection (I made every step indicated, including API key and application registration). When I’m connected to the OVMS webserver I can see a notification when the charging stopped, for example, but not in the iPhone.
I went over the configuration options over and over again and I think I didn’t miss any configuration step. Of course, notifications are activated on the iPhone App, via settings/notifications menu.
Can anyone please help me?
Thanks in advance.

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Can you double check the

Can you double check the iPhone settings app (the gray gears icon on your home screen). Scroll down to Open Vehicles and check the Notifications option. Make sure you have 'Allow Notifications' enabled, and the other settings as appropriate.

If that is set correctly, run the App and wait for it to connect (solid green antenna icon in top right), switch to the messages tab and type:

notify raise text info info Test

Make sure you get that test notification.

Thanks for your fast answer,

Thanks for your fast answer, markwj
As you indicated, I checked the iPhone settings app and everything seems to be ok ("allow notifications" is ON, and "notification style" is permanent as well as "previsualization" is always, so I think I should not miss any).
I made the test notification in the messages tab, and I received 2 answers: first "Test" and then "Raise text notification for info/info as Test". In the meantime, a black bar with the word "Test" popped up momentously on the top of the screen. It was not a iOS notification.
Do you think it should work now?


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Should work. If not, please

Should work. If not, please raise a support ticket.

I have the same issue with

I have the same issue with IOS.  If you miss the momentary messages, there is no way of checking them later.  

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If you initially denied push

If you initially denied push notifications, you should be able to go to the system settings App, find Open Vehicles, and adjust notification settings there.

No push notifications

Hi, I'm having the same problem. I had push notifications for the first couple of weeks and now they have stopped. This is the same on my wife's phone as well. Both iPhones. Tried restarting the module but still no joy. Can get test to come up as mentioned above but no proper notifications. 

no settings have been changed in the app.

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Can’t get notifications on iPhone

We've had a certificate issue, should be solved now. Can you please check & report?


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