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MQTT location message

Hi all,

I am trying to use the OVMS location as an input to my home automation - i.e., if my car / OVMS is at the airport, I am definitely 'not home'. I was able to get the lat / long individually from the OVMS into node-red via subscribing to ovms/OVMS/JK4or2wo/metric/v/p/latitude and /longitude. The problem I am having is that I can't get it into a single string to give to Home Assistant as a location. I've tried templates and join nodes but haven't been able to get the right combination.

Am I missing the simple solution? Is it possible to poll the OVMS for the defined locations?

Thank you,


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Sounds like more of a Node

Sounds like more of a Node Red issue than OVMS (which simply send the individual metrics to MQTT). If you want to merge them in some custom way, I think it should be done in the MQTT client side.

This approach sounds correct for what you need:

The locations system in OVMS is not published to metrics, so won't show in MQTT.

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