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Microphone does not work

I have installed OVMS into my Nissan Leaf 2016 30kw Tekna , I have unplugged the white large plug from telematics box as described in the video.
Unlock/lock works fine , AC on/off works fine.
I have lost the use of the microphone so now handsfree no one can hear me and voice commands do not work, when it states "All other car functions will not be effected e.g GPS, maps, radio, Bluetooth, microphone all work just the same as before."
With the telematics box plugged in unlock/lock acts very strangely and ac needs maybe 3 attempts to get it to come on
So I'm going to have to live with either no remote ac or no microphone ??

is there a way to power some of the telematics box or change how the microphone works ?

I'm afraid this is a known

I'm afraid this is a known issue on the 2016 leaf: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/301

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