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Logging data either network streaming or SD card - 2019 Leaf

Any tips, ideas, or recommendations on how to get data off the can bus for the 2019 Leaf Plus (60kw)? I've followed all the instructions in the OVMS docs and here's what I've tried:
- enabled edge firmware
- enabled the can buses (tried both listen and active - can can1 start listen 500000) https://pasteboard.co/J0vrinHk.png
- enabled the SD card logging and started it (can log start vfs crtd /sd/can.crtd) https://pasteboard.co/J0vs7oS.png
- tried the Network Streaming when SD card file was empty (can log start tcpserver discard gvret-b :23) in conjunction with Savvycan

I've tried all the methods above when the Leaf is off, when it's in stanby, and when it's powered all the way up ready to drive. Nothing makes any difference. In each instance I've opened doors, locked doors, drove it a few feet, etc. (all activities that generate can data). Nothing. The log file is empty. Savvycan never shows anything in the log window. The web console will show savvycan connecting to it at but the connection doesn't last very long before it disconnects.

Does the Leaf have a different baud rate or bus speed? Something isn't lining up and I can't figure it out.

I also tried my OVMS unit on my wife's 2017 Honda Pilot and was able to successfully get some data from that. Just not the 2019 Leaf.

Wish this forum would allow me to post the screenshots I took of each of the above steps so you could see exactly what I'm seeing.

Any suggestions or ideas I can try?

Thanks in advance,

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What cable are you using?

What cable are you using?

Using a console (usb terminal) connection, or ssh, both can1 and can2 should be 500000 so:

can can1 start active 500000
can can2 start active 500000
can log start monitor crtd
log level verbose canlog-monitor
log monitor yes

and you should see frames on the monitor. If that is working, you can stop logging on the monitor, and try the other approaches.

Thanks for the response. The

Thanks for the response. The only cable is the one going from OVMS into the OBDII port of the Leaf. (https://pasteboard.co/J0KsnC5.jpg) Connections are secure and OVMS is powered and communicating via WIFI. SD card is inserted but no CAN data is visible from the network or on the SD card despite log monitoring enabled.

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