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dashboard in km

I see in "config list vehicle" units.distance: M
I also set digital.speedo to yes, which was accepted. And digital.speedo.reps to 3.
however in the dashboard it displays the speedometer in analog km.
Thanks for any help.

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Are you trying to convert the

Are you trying to convert the speed shown in a Kph car to Mph on the digital display?

The code for digital speedo does not use the units.distance parameter. Instead, it uses whatever the car is transmitting as the speed, in the units that the car uses.

It doesn't seem trivial to be able to modify this speed (we don't have too much information on the low level CAN bus messages involved).

No my car is mph. 2008 Tesla

No my car is mph. 2008 Tesla roadster in US.
My speedo is displaying in analog on the OVMS dashboard. And I have not seen the speed budge, it stays at zero. I set digital to yes and I see no change.

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> No my car is mph. 2008

> No my car is mph. 2008 Tesla roadster in US.

Oh, ok. The digital speedo feature is only supported on v2.x cars. The instrument cluster in the v1.5 cars is different than the v2.x cars, and the instrument cluster CAN bus messages have not yet been decoded for that model.

I did the original work on the Tesla Roadster support, but only have access to 2.x cars. I am willing to work to try to support this on v1.5 cars, but will require an owner to assist gathering CAN bus logs and experimenting with custom firmware to add this support.

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P.S. If you are sure that

P.S. If you are sure that with digital speedo enabled, the speed is displayed in the little digital display on the instrument cluster, but in Kph rather than Mph, then perhaps the problem is not too difficult to solve. Perhaps the v1.5 instrument cluster expects the speed in vehicle units. We could do a simple modification for v1.5 cars to convert Kph->Mph if that is set in the units.distance. Can you verify 100% that the speed is shown correctly in Kph (perhaps drive at 50mph cruise control and verify the digital speedo shows 80, then reduce to 25mph cruise control and confirm 40 on the digital speedo)?

If by instrument cluster you

If by instrument cluster you are referring to the OVMS dashboard I see when logging into, then no I am not seeing a digital display on the ovms dashboard at all only analog. Everything is km and Celcius. 

If you are referring to the cars instrument cluster, there is no digital display only analog.

In the app I see temperature in Farenheit and no speed indications.

To help me understand the lingo, when you say little digital display are you saying the VDS? There are to many displays, dashboards, clusters, lol. 

I have set the speedo.digital to "no", I am unsure what to set the speedo.digital.reps? I set it to zero for now.

I will be happy to work with you on any logs you require to improve things.

Thank you,


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The Instrument Cluster (aka

The Instrument Cluster (aka dashboard) is the instruments displayed behind the steering wheel.

A 2.x car's instrument cluster looks like this:

A 1.5 car's instrument cluster looks like this:

The Digital Speedo feature of OVMS (in 2.x cars) replaced the range display in the top left part of that little orange display to show speed.

Is that what you are looking to do, or something else?

Dumb question

Am I to understand from all of the above that the instrument cluster can be recalibrated to read in kph from mph? Sorry for the dumb question...I’m waiting to receive my roadster and look at the ovms it has installed so For now I’m lurking on this forum and in the documentation to understand the power of this amazing device you great folks have created

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The instrument cluster is

The instrument cluster is physically printed with kph / mph. Nothing can be done about that in software.

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