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Any interest in non electric vehicles

Found out about this project through my interest in the ESP32 platform (full time dev). Initially it appeared as if the project was aimed at all (including ICE) vehicles so I immediately set out to order an EU kit with antenna and cables. It is only when I got to the forum that I started getting the impression that there is very little interest in non-electric vehicles. Since only the Nissan Leaf and BMW i8 are avialable in South Africa, coupled with the fact that the noise and behaviour of traditional performance sports cars appeal to my senses, I do not (yet) own a Model S or Taycan.

I own a Durametric ODBII kit for POrsche (http://www.durametric.com/) but unfortunately it requires a Windows PC to function rence is only used for tuning or resetting error codes. I have not yet received the v3 platform or looked at the source code hence this post to get an idea of the project focus and/or interest on better ODBII support. I am happy to contribute where I can to improve support for the vehicles I own but just need to know that the developer and user community has an interest in expanding the non EV support.



Once you've experienced the

Once you've experienced the real thing, there's no going back! I thought I loved the sound, feel, smell etc. of ICE, but as soon as I experienced a modern electric, the lights came on (literally :-)) and I realised that electric power-train is the absolute ideal match for the motor car - MUCH better performance experience, without the hassle. OVMS is focussed on the future, which is, of course, Electric. Once more people experience modern electrics, the changeover will accellerate into the classic "S-Curve" and ICE sales will collapse. Imports into SA will reflect this, I'm sure - so start saving up for that Tesla roadster (it'll leave everything else, including the Taycan, standing!! :-))

Hi Doug, thanks for the

Hi Doug, thanks for the feeedback. make no mistake I am a fan of EV's as well. Since Elon is a fellow South African from a town/city 50km away from me I went visiting Tesla in CA during Oct 2018. I have driven a Tesla Model S P100D in full Ludicrous mode so know the experience. BUT....

I also regularly drive a GT2 "Widowmaker" to 340km/h and there is currently NO WAY electric can rival that feel or top speed of a wild rear wheel driven monster. Sure, in time it will come, but not soon. When a similarly invigorating EV ride is available, I will be there to get mine.

Anyway, my presence on the forum and the original question was more aimed at the current state of the OVMS project and functional support for ODBII based ICE vehicles, so any information relating to that would be highly appreciated.
PS: There are areas in Africa where I regularly travel that an EV will not be practical for the next 20 years, unless it can rival the capability of my custom Toyota Landcruiser Overlander and be solar charged, which I think is a long shot.

>I also regularly drive a GT2

>I also regularly drive a GT2 "Widowmaker" to 340km/h

Please stop poluting this planet with such inefficient and useless things.

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Our focus has really always

Our focus has really always been on electric vehicles (hence the tag line 'Open source electric vehicle remote monitoring, diagnosis and control' on this website). The metrics stored, and App presentations, are very much geared towards electric vehicles.

That said, we do have the O2 and XX vehicle types with rudimentary support for any vehicle responding to OBDII PIDs.

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