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ABRP Script Invalid Authentication

After setting up the https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/plugin/abrp/README.html script to submit my car status to ABRP for live trip planning, I always receive the following error:

   {"status": "error", "metadata": {"frontend": "se-la-fe-01", "server": ""}, "message": "Invalid Authentication"}

I'm now trying to debug on my computer, and simply can't get any successful response (obviously tried getting new tokens etc).

Has the api_key been revoked or something (on the ABRP side)? Or is it something to do with my setup (perhaps ABRP isn't registering my api key properly when it generates)?

My (obviously incomplete url is) https://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/leaf24?api_key=32b2162f-9599-4647-8139-66e9f9528370&token=7bf16be3-4429-4286-8397-




How did you get your own key, using the  "classic version" of abrp?

My OVMS box sends data as soon as I move, and I check, last position is ok when I launch abrp on my mobile. 

I'll check if the procedure to get your own key has changed. 



I had a look on your url

I had a look on your url

Why https? It should be http

Why tlm/leaf24?api_key=32b... it should be tlm/send?api_key...


Quick guide to setup ABRP and OVMS plugin

Quick guide to setup ABRP and OVMS plugin





It is advised to install abrp on the same phone than your OVMS app, to allow an easy setup (copy/paste will be used from one to the other to get your user key and to use it).


First of all, you have to connect to abrp, or create an account.

Here, after having displayed abetterrouteplanner.com :


Click on « Parameters », this will be displayed :


On the left side of the screen, the first time, you can add your own vehicle selecting « add my car ».


You will be here able to configure, using EVNotify template or Torque. Choose Torque

Click on ‘Next’

Click on ‘Next’

Click on ‘Next’

Here’s your user_token (field user email address) !!! Copy it, we’ll use it in OVMS app now.



(here we got 54c238a7-292d-40a6-bb6b-13697b2f7604)



OVMS app

In the ‘message tab’, you will write « config set usr abrp.user_token » and space and paste your key.

Exemple here :

config set usr abrp.user_token 54c238a7-292d-40a6-bb6b-13697b2f7604

you can check with the following command :

config list usr

Now you can start sending data with the command :

script eval abrp.send(1)




After message sent to abrp, you should be able to see it :

Zone de Texte: Your place


Now enjoy abrp with live data !


i don't see pictures.

i don't see pictures.

abrp - ovms quick guide
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