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HTTP Request not working with pp3

Hello everyone,

I am new to OVMS and im trying to send a post request with GPS info like this

to a digital ocean server. There is a "statusCode":200,"statusText":"OK" response when performing with wifi connection, but an "  error = "abort" " when performing with pp3 connection.

The module is able to connect and log in to server v2 in both wifi and pp3 connections. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The Modem info is the following:

Network Registration: RegisteredHome Provider: Kalley Movil Signal: -81 dBm State: NetMode


Also when I try to ping from the computer when is on wifi I get a response unlike when ping when is on pp3


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Perhaps your cellular

Perhaps your cellular provider is interfering with HTTP traffic? Some force it through their own proxy servers, to add adverts, etc.

Also suggest you check the DNS settings Just use, or

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