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Sold my Leaf, looking to sell OVMS module in the US

Sorry if this isn't allowed (understandable if you remove it) but I think this is too niche of a product to put on ebay so I don't know where else to try to sell it.

I've got the OVMS v3.1 Base Module (Wifi/Bluetooth) fasttech Item# 9652892 with the cord (Nissan Leaf OBD-II to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS Item# 1779000) and the GSM Antenna
(Item# 1000500).  I got them back in June 2018.  I don't have the 3G modem, I just always used an old phone as a hotspot with the module's wifi.

I'd sell the package for $60 delivered to the lower 48 states.  Anywhere else, extra.


Do you still have it?

Interested to purchase!

Hi, I would but it! Please let me know!

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