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GSM board does only power when S1 switch manually pushed

Hi all,

I installed a GSM board on my previously installed OVMS module. 

everything works well providing that I turn on the board manually by pressing S1 switch on GSM boards (not OVMS own S1 switch).  If I turn power off, GSM board does not turns itself back on, I have to press switch again in order for it to. 

Anyone has a clue because I sure as hell don't and can't find anything anywhere on this matter. 


Modem autostart

Hi Yomane,

Try configuring this setting through the web interface. There's a setting in the Config > Autostart menu that starts the modem on boot. The modem can be powered on either by S1 or from the main board.

See this post for more details: https://imgur.com/gallery/nuMPgCc

Thanks Alenux!

Thanks Alenux!

Actually, the Autostart setting to start the modem was checked.  The problem was that I'm an ass...  I insisted that it should work prior to crouching under the dash of my Leaf, except that unit was sitting on my workdesk.  By setting the Vehicule Type at "Desmonstration Vehicule", everything works right of the bat.  I should have had more faith and just install the thing in the car, I'd wouldn't have lost very frustrating couple of hours.  You leaded me in the right direction by validating that it should have worked as it was.


Many thanks.

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