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A Better Route Planner Script error

Hi, I'm trying to get the ABRP script working following the instructions: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/plugin/abrp/README.html

I've successfully created `/store/scripts/sendlivedata2abrp.js` and `/store/scripts/ovmsmain.js` and inserted my ABRP token and car model into the script. 

However, when I try to run the script with

`script eval abrp.info()`

I get the

`ERROR: ReferenceError: identifier 'abrp' undefined (line 1)`

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm running the exact script copy and pasted from the docs.

I'm running OVMS firmware 3.2.013



i think the problem in '

i think the problem in '/store/scripts/ovmsmain.js' on your board:

- not added "abrp = require("sendlivedata2abrp"); " to it

- not restarted after the file change the OVMS module or "Reload JS Engine"
Reload JS Engine: open OVMS web interface tools menu - Editor and now see the button

Thanks a lot,

Thanks a lot, I missed the step add ovmsmain.js and to reboot the OVMS module after installing the script. 

The docs are a bit confusing since the section to test the script is before the section which mentions modifying ovmsmain,js

Thanks a lot for your help. This is such a great integration. If possible it should be integrated into OVMS as standard and configured via the GUI.

I've enabled using 'script eval abrp.send(1)', however data seems to just get sent to ABRP once. Is there an extra step to get it to post periodically? I can see from the script it should be every 60s 




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so script eval abrp.send(1)

so script eval abrp.send(1) will enable sending data every 60 seconds however, the script checks to see if certain parameters have changed and does not send data to ABRP if they have not.

Data will be sent if any of these parameters change:

  • State of charge
  • State of Health
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude (by at least 2 meters)
  • Charging status

It is also worth noting that you will not see any notification of subsequent data being sent.

Finally, I committed some minor fixes to the script yesterday so you might want to update your script.



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