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Losing Notification Configuration after Restart

Anyone know how to get it to save the notification configuration so it remains after rebooting the module? I says the config is saved, I can log out and back in, and the config remains as long as the module is left running. Removing power or just restarting it will wipe out the notification config. All other config looks to be preserved.

Figured out how to fix the

Figured out how to fix the problem, in case it helps anyone else. This was a new mobule I had just received, and came with firmware I followed the standard configuration, which involved upgrading to, and then experienced the problem above. Unsure if the issue is related to or something to do with how it was setup before I received it.

Regardless, I performed a factory reset and set it back to the original firmware, performed all the configuration on it without moving to the newer firmware, and now it retains all the config including the notifications.

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