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forgot module password

Hi all,

so I have installed OVMS exactly two years back today. And the issue I have now is I cannot connect to my module, as I have no wifi password to it. Apparently it's hotspot password been saved on my iPhone, and my only guess is if you're not connecting to specific hotspot for such and such amount of time - it's simply wipes it's connection data from device, including password.

I really wouldn't like to dismantle my dashboard again, unless I really have to. 

Module has dropped connection to server 9 days ago, and works on wifi only, so I have decided to download latest firmware and turn on automatic updates.

I'm pretty sure I have done this in the past as well, but maybe it failed for some reason.

I don't have pc/laptop at home and decided to bring my work laptop home, but it has lots of security features in it to protect companies data, and apparently every single time says 'device haven't been installed succesfully', when connecting using micro USB.

I'm using an iPhone so SD card isn't an option here as well... 


any advice?

managed to guess password

managed to guess password from 30th time or so, updated to the latest version (was still on 2018 firmware!), and the reason it didn't connect to server - modem was off, which is odd, as I didn't press anything and haven't been connected for all those 2 years since setting it up.


all ok and running again!

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