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E-mail notification from dexters-web.de

Dear dexter,

first of all congrats for the great software you created.

There is one thing I would be happy to fix, but can't seem to find the source of it. The emails I receive (notifications for the events) show up in one line like this:

Standard - Charging225.1V/8.5AFull: 447 mins0%: 447 mins0km: 447 minsSOC: 47.5%Ideal range: 68kmEst. range: 72kmODO: 43308.8kmCAC: 30.8AhSOH: 96%

Maybe you can look into the issue?



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E-mail notification from dexters-web.de


the emails are sent by the OVMS server using the perl Email::MIME module. Body line breaks are not recoded from CR to CRLF as there seemed to be no need for this -- Thunderbird displays the line breaks correctly.

But recoding should be simple, I'll have a look at that next time I get back to the server code.


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