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MG EV Vehicle Module

Hi Everyone,

We have got some way with hacking the MG and I can now comfortably say I think we can achive the following with OVMS

Item Support Status
SOC OBD PID is Known
Range --
GPS Location Yes (from modem module GPS)
Speed OBD PID is Known
Cabin Temperature Multiple PIDs available
Ambient Temperature OBD PID is Known
SetPoint Temperature OBD PID is Known
HVAC Fan Speed OBD PID is Known
HVAC Heating/Cooling Status Can infer from PTC output and Blower temp values
HVAC On Status OBD PID is Known
HVAC Temperature Setpoint OBD PID is Known
HVAC Ventilation Mode OBD PID is Known
BMS v+t Voltage and Currrent PIDs Known
TPMS ECU is available not yet decoded
Charge Status OBD PID is Known
Charge Interruption Alerts Can be inferred

My Biggest issue right now is that I am not a coder by trade or profession. I will be able to guide anyone to getting the data off the car, and can explain exactly what must be sent and how to interpret what is recieved. I am also quite good at debugging code issues.

Is anyone here able to help support writing a MG EV branch for the OVMS module? I have extracted and begun coding but practically I think it would take me a decade or more to write the actual code to enable all these functions.

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If it is just simple OBDII

If it is just simple OBDII PID queries, I can probably help out to get this started, in an iterative way. The code is not complex.

Can you try one, first? Say SOC%.

With the the OVMS module in the car, connected to OBDII, can you start a CAN logger (CRTD format) and try the 'can can1 tx' command to request the SOC PID, show the logger output containing the response, and what the SOC% is?

Request for a coder

Hi, i'm coder but never coded using this codebase. 

Can you save me time and guild me tot he repository and give more guild line? once I will have it on my machine I try my best.

Also is there any emulator that we can check our code? or can we assume that the platform will do it for us?

please update

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