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3.2.014 Very unstable

Anyone having stability problems? I find the module often freezes up, requiring unplugging to get it to reset. Seen many restarts due to crashes as well, but at least it recovers from these. Wondering if maybe I could have a bad module or cable. Seems to be completely stable with the car off - can connect and completely reliable. I've tried disabling the wifi and modem independently, as it usually seems to freeze as soon as I leave home. Makes it seem like it has something to do with the networking, but seems to happen with either disabled.

Is this unusual, or known problems? I don't see much in the way of bugs for it freezing up, which makes me wonder if it's something to do with my module or setup. I also see TONS of can2 errors while the car is running, but not sure if that's even related.

The car is a 2015 Leaf, and all the config looks to be set correctly.

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Same problem with same car

Same problem with same car here. I finally decided to revert the firmware to previous version and it's working fine again. This issue has been introduced in

There are a number of fixes

There are a number of fixes now in the latest 'edge' version to improve stability, including the ability to turn off canwrites (previous versions would still send TX writes irrespective of whether this was unticked). Let me know how you get on as I can only test on a 30kWh 2016 Leaf.

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3.2.015 (in EAP) should

3.2.015 (in EAP) should resolve this issue affecting Nissan Leaf vehicle module.

Thanks, it does resolve the

Thanks, it does resolve the freezing, which was the worst. Still get semi-frequent reboots, but since it automatically recovers those aren't that big of a problem. Guess there's still a lot of work and moving pieces in play.

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