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Plugins and scheduling

Are there any plans to provide the ability to schedule turning on the climate control system? I've written a couple plugins already (tpms notifications and plugin reminders), and that's the remaining thing we used to use with the stock leaf that ovms doesn't currently support. If there's no plans for it then I'll likely write a plugin to handle it, but the only problem I find with the plugins is that they only work from the web interface and there's no integration with the apps.

Great feature this would be.

Great feature this would be.

It would propably adhere to current limitations, ie. 2016-2017 Leafs need to be actively charging in order to turn on AC.

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Plugins and scheduling

There's currently no plan to implement this as a base feature, but it's easy to implement as a plugin. Even more now with the "clock" events Mark added lately, simple schedules can now be created just using event scripts.

Controlling a plugin from the App is a matter of providing commands to control the plugin and return status data. In most cases a plugin doesn't need special control commands, it can simply read the configuration and react to config changes.

For example, the Edimax plugin provides commands to switch the plug on & off. These can of course also be called from the App. To simplify the calls, you can add shell stub scripts. Btw, one of the next releases will add native command support for plugins.

There's currently no cross platform solution for adding a plugin control GUI to the App. There are plans to implement a cross platform App that may be able to provide this, but don't expect anything usable soon.

The Android App provides a system scripting interface. See https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Android/wiki/SendCommand-Broadcast-Intent-data on the command API. Using a scripting App like Automagic, you can easily design user interfaces on top of this API. There's a simple base support file for Automagic in the Wiki.


>2016-2017 Leafs need to be

>2016-2017 Leafs need to be actively charging in order to turn on AC.

This is not totally correct, OVMS can turn the AC on in 2014-2016 (AZE0) when the car is parked and not charging. Unplugging the TCU is required. 


But not 30kWh...

..as your link says for 2016-2017 30kWh models.
(sorry, this starts to veer into an off-topic..)

Yes, there might be some 2016 24kWh car out there that is similar to 2015, but at least the European cars I've searched for are mostly 30kWh if they are 2016.

Unplugging the TCU had no effect on my 2016 30kWh Leaf.
I would very much like to solve this issue for 2016-2017 30kWh Leafs - Nissan has fixed my remote heating as of yesterday (after 3 months), so is there now something I can do to help with this?
Can I log the traffic with OVMS in order to see what happens when the AC is turned on with Nissan's app?

I also have Dala's CAN bridge, apparently some logging can be done with that as well. I haven't yet dared to splice it into the CAN wires though...  (unplugging made the car undriveable)

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