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Tested different SIM card (only one works)

I have tested different simcards in my OVMS module.
And none of them works accept the one from Hologram.

In every try I have put in the corresponding APN settings for each SIM card.

I have tested T-mobile, Vodafone, Lebara, Lycamobile, L-mobi. (all Dutch sim cards)
None of these work.

A friend of mine has an Hologram Sim Card and that works without any problem.

Any idea what could cause the problem?



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Tested different SIM card (only one works)

a) Standard SIM cards normally come with a preset PIN code, did you enter that as well?

b) Did you try leaving the DNS servers empty? Did you try using a public DNS?


I have tested them today in

I have tested them today in the outdoor instead of in my office.

And the problem is partly solved, almost every sim card is working outdoors.
It seem that have some kind of faraday cage in side of my office.

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