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Taillights blinking with OVMS connected

HI all,

I noticed that the taillights are blinking on the e-niro when the parking brake is turned on and the ovms box is connected. This happens at 2-3 Hz. I guess this is when the OVMS wakes up the vehicle.

Is there any way around this issue? At night it can be quite disturbing.



Hello, did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same problem as you, so I can't use OVMS, it drains my autonomy unnecessarily thank you if you have any feedback
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I have KIA Niro model 2020
I have KIA Niro model 2020 and I use OVMS from V2 without any problem with the lights!
Instead, I have a (possible) problem (I don't know yet!) if anyone has checked the temperatures on the 4 columns... from command "bms status"
I have on 1: 14 degrees C, on 2: 13 degrees C, on 3: 16 degrees C and on 4: 14 degrees C.
This problem, that goes to column 3 up to 5 degrees C difference (plus +5 degrees C) compared to the lowest temperature on other columns (or rather the lowest temperature on the columns).
Thanks în advance.
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