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V2 vs V3?


I'm busy spinning up the Open-Vehicle-Server project.

I cloned the Open-Vehicle-Server repo

Now I'm now clear about the "v2" and "v3" description and what I have before me..

In the forums here the v3 is described as "MQTT".  And in the repo the server is in a directory calls "v3".

But the only thing MQTT about it is the ApiHttpMqapi module and that is just about authenticating via MQTT.

Can someone help clarify the v2 vs v3 and if there is a next-gen approach using MQTT where I find the project and should I be using it?


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The difference is server

The difference is server version vs protocol version.

Protocol v2 is the original ovms protocol. It is a proprietary binary protocol used between the car module, server, and apps. There are both v2 and v3 server programs available for this - but we recommend everyone uses the v3 server for new deployments. You can find the code here: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Server/tree/master/v3

Protocol v3 is a set of conventions over the MQTT protocol. Longer-term, OVMS will most likely migrate to using this. The car module supports both v2 and v3 protocols, but apps don't currently have any support for this. If you want to intertface OVMS to IoT, or things like home automation, this may be the simplest.

Regards, Mark.

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