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Climate control still on - how to do?

I wish my Laf wouldn't automatically turn off climate control. In the current software, the heating switches off automatically after "X" minutes. Could someone help me to keep the heating running for about 30 minutes?


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Przemysław Smetana

No timer on 2011!

I'm having the opposite problem; on my 2011 Leaf SL, my climate control never times out after being activated by OVMS! (It's not a problem I mind, to be honest)

Does anyone know the expected behavior of remote climate control based on model year/generation? Does it only work when the car is plugged in?

On my 2011, OVMS remote climate control works exactly the same as the car's climate control timer, except it does not auto-off after 20 minutes like the car's timer does. As expected, it only works when the car is plugged in. I have removed the TCU, but do not have the trigger wire hooked up to the TCU port, and it still works this way. 

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