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iPhone App - 1phase /3 Phase charging improvements?


Thank you for the great software, the smart ED3 is a great experience with the app. But I see some improvements:


1. In the app on the "status" page the charging does not show the proper power. It shows e.g. 230V@24A but does not show if this is one or three phases. That is why also the power is not being shown properly. Instead of 16,5kW in this case, it shows only 5,5kWh on the battey picture.

Could you improve it? Would be great, especially as I found some charging points that give less power than they should.


2. Also, the charger setting don't seem to bring anything, maybe this and the other not working parts of the app (e.g. lock/unlock) could be deactivated if the smart is chosen as a car?


Thank you, you are doing a great work!