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MQTT topic for knowing if the vehicle is connected to a charger, even if not active.

I wonder if anyone can help me. Via the OVMS app, the little charging cable appears when the vehicle is connected to an EVSE, even if it's not active. I have searched high and low, and cannot find the correct MQTT (V3 server) topic that shows if the cable is connected or not. Is there one or it hasn't been implemented yet?

Thank you in advance!


Further to my previous

Further to my previous message, I am currently using the charge port /v/d/cp metric (assuming that if the charge port is open, the cable is connected), but it sometimes changes to closed when the charge is stopped, I do not know why.

I don't have an answer for

I don't have an answer for you but you can use the following tool to see all the informations sent to MQTT by OVMS : https://mqtt-explorer.com/

I use it already, and I have

I use it already, and I have explored if any of the topics change with the cable connected/disconnected. The logical one would be the "pilot" topic metric/v/c/pilot, but it doesn't change if the charger is disconnected. But I'm sure the OVMS module itself has that information, as the OVMS app shows when the cable is connected but not charging.

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