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OMVS timeout when stop can logging

I'm trying to run a sweep scan over the canbus to identify the addresses of the ECUsin a MY21 I-Pace. My problem is that the OVMS box always goes in timeout (hangs?) when I try to stop the logging ("can log stop" command). Logging is addressed to sd card.

Any clue ?

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OMVS timeout when stop can logging
  • Ensure you're using the latest firmware.
  • Ensure your SD card has no filesystem errors.
  • https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/crtd/can_logging.html?highlight=maxfreq.khz#logging-to-sd-card
  • Verify your maxfreq setting by test writes to the SD card.
  • If you need to log a very busy bus, reduce the logging time (i.e. begin with a couple of seconds, then raise to test how long you can log).
  • Stop other jobs writing to SD during the log (e.g. file logging).
Thanks Dexter, I updated to

Thanks Dexter, I updated to the last firmware and the problem seems ok now. I thought I was already using the latest version but it turned out I was wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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