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No info from the car


I just finished the setup yesterday and got the info from the car like the battery status in the beginning when I connected the cable between the car and the module for testing. I had a "right" cable but for my setup the "left" cable would have been better for me as the driver seat is on the left side of the car.  To fit the cable properly I needed to bend the end of the cable and shortly after that I stopped getting info from the car. I'm just thinking if there is something wrong with the cable or the module?  I'm getting the GPS from the module but nothing from the car. I have now ordered a new cable just to be sure. Is there some other tricks that I can do and how can I be sure that the module is properly connected to the car and getting information from the car. I have a brand new MG ZS EV just few days old.  

Gunnar Atli

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Now working

I did a factory reset to the ovms module in the car and after that data started to flow again :)

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