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Publishing remote climate control on/off to Nissan Leaf using Node-RED

Using clues from other users from all over the Internet, I have been able to find out the MQTT message topic/content to turn on/off the remote climate control on the Nissan Leaf. I'm using on Node-RED, but this is applicable to using MQTT in general.

Message topic: VEHICLEclient/USER/command/homelink

To turn on the remote climate control, the payload is: homelink 1

To turn off the remote climate control, the payload is: homelink 2

The VEHICLE string is the ID of your vehicle. If you don't know how the OVMS is sending it to the MQTT server, subscribe to a topic from the Leaf, and it will be VEHICLEmetric/xnl/cc/remotecool - use the same VEHICLE string on the publishing module.

The USER string is the ID you use for the V2 server configuration.

I hope this saves some time to anyone else using OVMS and MQTT!