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Android push notification on charge stop *help*


Finally Hyundai Ioniq is supported and I got around installing the OVMS V3. For me who is not a programmer it's kind of a pita finding stuff.

When I plug my car in I get a notification, when I unplug the app switched to idle mode with no notification. Looking at the guides I find some ways to add or remove notifications via terminal (putty) but it won't change anything. I'm probably not typing it right first of all. even when I copy the code straight of it still seems putty returns how i should do it rathen than a reciept of the command being sucessful.

Am I on the right track using putty and a command  "config set notify charge.stopped" ?


Been looking in the interface too but can't find anything relevant there either. looks like it ask for another app "pushover" for messages, but I don't think I nee that as the car can already do a push on charge start.


There are tons of documentation but it's not easy to get it right anyway

Thanks for any help!

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Android push notification on charge stop *help*

If you don't get a notification on charge stop, that's a bug.

I've implemented the Ioniq adaption without access to an actual vehicle, so need user input. There was no feedback on this issue up to now, but the other Ioniq users probably just aren't aware they should get a notification.

Please provide a module log excerpt of a charge stop with log level verbose on the Ioniq module:

log level verbose v-hyundaivfl

…or use the web UI to configure the component log level. That will produce quite some messages, so you should enable file logging to SD card or enable level verbose only on the final few minutes.

log level info v-hyundaivfl

…will set the log level back to default.

Log a forced charge stop and a regular charge termination. Send me the log(s): dexter@dexters-web.de


Thanks for your support. I

Thanks for your support. I will do my best to provide logs. Now I just need to figure out the problem with modem stuck in powering on at 12V supply only. Will come back with logs as soon as I got it running stable enough. 

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