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Home Assistant Integration


I've just completed an integration with Home Assistant for my OVMS module installed on my Nissan LEAF. I couldn't find any existing resources on doing this so I thought I'd write up a quick blog post that explains how to achieve it. It's pretty simple, but the OVMS API docs were a bit hard to make sense of, so hopefully having this documented somewhere is useful to others!

I even did a (questionably useful) integration with HomeKit through Home Assistantant. It will remain a bit janky though until Apple adds an EV type of entity to HomeKit.

Hope this helps someone!



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Tanks jaimyn, great job

Tanks jaimyn, great job

 I have a twizy with OVMS connected to the dexter-web.de server and I cannot get the API Key,
do you have any suggestions for me?
I would very much like to use your script on my Home Assistant
thanks for your suggestions.

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Home Assistant Integration

As I already answered you by mail, it's just the same API, you just need to change the host name.

More on the APIs: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/624


Hi, here's an alternate

Hi, here's an alternate approach using MQTT (OVMSv3) instead of HTTP (OVMSv2). I don't have any tips for getting OVMS server to talk with your MQTT broker, but once you do that, the yaml files in my repository can get you full OVMS app functionality in HA.



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