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Home Assistant Integration


I've just completed an integration with Home Assistant for my OVMS module installed on my Nissan LEAF. I couldn't find any existing resources on doing this so I thought I'd write up a quick blog post that explains how to achieve it. It's pretty simple, but the OVMS API docs were a bit hard to make sense of, so hopefully having this documented somewhere is useful to others!

I even did a (questionably useful) integration with HomeKit through Home Assistantant. It will remain a bit janky though until Apple adds an EV type of entity to HomeKit.

Hope this helps someone!



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Tanks jaimyn, great job

Tanks jaimyn, great job

 I have a twizy with OVMS connected to the dexter-web.de server and I cannot get the API Key,
do you have any suggestions for me?
I would very much like to use your script on my Home Assistant
thanks for your suggestions.

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Home Assistant Integration

As I already answered you by mail, it's just the same API, you just need to change the host name.

More on the APIs: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/624


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