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Reverting back to 'amps' not mph on dashborad of Tesla Roadster on OVMS v2

Hi There,

First of all absolutly LOVE ovms -- even now it has many functions like charge amp control which even tesla app doesn't have - KUDOS !

Q: I'd like to revert back to seeing amps on the dash display (as there is a 2nd speedo as part of the central radio) 

BUT (probably my stupidity  or memory of original settings) , In the app, when I change the feature 'digital speedo' for this setting from 1 back to 0  it doesn't go back from mph to amps.

screen shot


Can anyone suggest a definitive method for OVMS v2 to change mph back to amps  ?


Mark, Dorset UK

(OVMS for 6+ years and lovin' it) 

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Perhaps you need to reboot

Perhaps you need to reboot the module after changing the setting?

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