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Liss Henriksson
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error message when connect ABRP to the OVMS module


I have follow your instructions/guide


 but get error  message as below, please help me to sort out the problem


config set usr abpr.user_token d6e2188f-215c-405e-87f4-455d67f58a75

Parameter has been set.

usr (readable writeable)
  abpr.user_token: d6e2188f-215c-405e-87f4-455d67f58a75

script eval abrp.send(1)

ERROR: ReferenceError: identifier 'abrp' undefined
    at [anon] (duk_js_var.c:1236) internal
    at eval (eval:1) preventsyield (line 1)

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We can only really support

We can only really support the main product here.

I do notice that you have set 'abpr.user_token', where the instructions ask for 'abrp.user_token'.

The guide is here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AGbzCRXYmJx6xCI&cid=692F40CA744EA8EF&id=692F40CA744EA8EF%21984&parId=692F40CA744EA8EF%21983&o=OneUp

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