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No battery percentage after upgrade

Hi all

i have OMVS in my MG ZS and it worked great until two things happened at once:

first an online update happened by itself, the app told me

then the car had to go for repair and was not used for over a week causing a dip in voltage of the 12v battery and OVMS stopped. I disconnected the negative pole on the 12v battery and recharged it. 

When I reconnected the battery percentage no longer shows on the app. I have tried deleting and reloading the app. No luck  no tyre pressure either but the gps find my car is working 

does anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

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Ovms stopped

Log into your ovms box and reset your vehicle to mg ezs eu and it should spring into life. It's the update that has caused it. It does store the last 3 updates so you can reinstall and earlier version if you want too. Had the same problem myself. It can't read your car as it needs to know what the pin configuration, once you've set you vehicle again all will be fine.

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The behaviour depends on the

The behaviour depends on the power management settings configured, and the:

  • vehicle 12v.ref
    Vehicle reference 12v voltage (default: 12.6v)
  • vehicle 12v.alert
    Voltage level to drop before alert (default: 1.6v)

If enabled, when 12v power falls more then 12v.alert below 12v.ref, the alert condition will be raised. After (default 24) hours, the wifi will be turned off. After (default 96) hours the modem will be turned off. After (default 30 minutes) the ovms will be shutdown.

You can customise these however you require. For example, if you have home wifi it maybe better to first shutdown the modem (as that uses a lot of power). Then shutdown wifi. Then, some time later shutdown the entire module.

Note that when the entire module is shutdown, the CPU is halted to save as much power as possible. In such a situation, it can only be restarted by cycling power.


Thanks to you all.  Robertwaghorn, I did as you advised and found the box had lost the vehicle model.  I reset it to MG EVS EU as advised.  It reconnected and showed on the console first, then in a few minutes the app started working again.

I had the same problem after

I had the same problem after the upgrade, however today I had reset the model to mzs eu and nothing changed. I checked and the configuration was saver. I even tried a reboot, but still showing 100% battery although I know is not right.

What am I missing?

It seems you need to start

It seems you need to start the car to recognize the battery status.

I just opened the car and pushed the start button and now the battery level came down to what I expected

Thanks anyway

Great news.  Glad its fixed.

Great news.  Glad its fixed.  A month on and mine is still working

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