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Find e-nv200 Nissan TCU unit


I am trying to find the TCU unit on the e-nv200. 

I have 2015 Nissan E-NV200 Tekna Rapid Plus 24kWh

I have looked everywhere. 

It is sadly not in the same place as Leaf.

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Do you have the part number ?

Maybe we can help, but we need OEM part number

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I'm not even sure the NV200's

I'm not even sure the NV200's have a TCU...so there's nothing to find (and a part# is irrelevant).

Just install the OVMS module and plug it into the ODB-II connector.

Can't get the control of remote heating to work

Thank's for the replys

Can't get the control of remote heating to work and according to glynhudson in https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2583  "If you have a Tekna you will need to unplug the Nissan TCU unit (Nissan telematics module) to allow OVMS to control the remote climate. "

I have found the part in https://nissan.7zap.com/en/el/e+nv/me0m/4+1405+0/e/253/ with the part number 283B0N and that is the same part number as Leaf.

I can't find it there in my car.


TCU Unit localisation


Much later... I had the same problem and post the answer for anyone interested :

For the e-NV200 Tekna (n-Connecta in Europe) the TCU is located behind and down the Computer GPS central screen. Its black box is inserted in a metallic support you can access by uncliping the plastic face around the screen

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