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Rolec Smart Homesmart Charger dropping connection, related to OVMS or not?


I have a Rolec homesmart charger that I have been having problems with it dropping offline and needing a reboot (My installer is working with Rolec to try and resolve); however it will often do this shortly after a charge has completed at 4.30 in the morning (octopus energy go faster slot).

I wondered if this could be in anyway related to my OVMS module that I have connected to my ZS EV so I unplugged OVMS before charging last night and it didn't drop out this time. Now this could be total coincidence as it's only one test (and I'm not charging all that often), but I wondered if anyone on here would know if OVMS could affect a charger in this way?

Granted it is known to sometimes drop offline when not even connected to the car so it may be unrelated.



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I don't see how it could be

I don't see how it could be related to OVMS, other than radio interference (wifi), or if you have OVMS configured to start/stop charging automatically, etc.

Occam's law would indicate a problem with the charger.

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