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wes westhaver
What components do I need?


I own a 2013 Nissan Leaf SV and would like to equip it with OVMS. It looks like the "OVMS v3.3 Kit w/SIM7600G 4G Modem Module" is now available from fasttech.com.

But I am unclear on what components I need to buy. My shopping list looks like:

1) OVMS v3.3 Kit w/SIM7600G 4G Modem Module
2) Nissan Leaf OBD-II to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS

Do I need to purchase the "OVMS GSM Antenna"? Or can I re-use the existing GSM antenna currently in the car?

Do I need to purchase the GPS puck that I've seen discussed? Or does my existing GPS continue to work?

I see that the "Hologram SIM card" is not included. The price for the Hologram SIM card seems quite reasonable at a couple of dollars per month. Is the Hologram SIM card not available in the United States? If not, where can I sign up for an equally inexpensive SIM card?

Any thoughts on other components I may need?

So many variables and unknowns... I sure could use some guidance. Thanks in advance.



You need the GSM antenna and

You need the GSM antenna and the GPS antenna.

To use the old GSM antenna, you would need an adapter. That would cost you as much as just buying the new GSM antenna.

The OVMS does not get GPS data from the car, so it needs its own GPS antenna.

See the hardware list at the top of the Nissan Leaf documentation page: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/docs/index.html

Hologram SIM is what I use and I'm in the US. 

I would also recommend an SD card to store logs on.

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OVMS components

I disagree on the component requirements.

You definitely need the kit & the ODB-II cable (for the Leaf). However, you don't need the GPS antenna unless you want to utilize GPS functions (the car has its own GPS antenna). Only the GSM antenna is required for the modem to pass data.

it is possible to 'reuse' the (car) GSM antenna that was connected to the TCU, but it requires an adapter/modification of the existing cable...and it isn't exactly easy. I have done it, but won't know if it works until I get my new modem; in the mean time, I also have a separate GSM antenna to get things going.

I also got a 'pilot/trial' SIM from Hologram to get things going. I should be up-and-running next week (or whenever I get my modem).

wes westhaver
What components do I need?

Thanks guys,

I appreciate the feedback. After looking at the service manual for my Leaf, I see that the GSM (TEL) and GPS antennas are located in the dash. I had never looked at this before and assumed that the stub antenna on the roof at the rear of the car handled everything (AM/FM/XM/GSM/GPS) but now I see that the roof antenna is just AM/FM/XM and the GSM/GPS antennas are mounted below the surface of the dash. So it seems that to continue to use the head unit's navigation I'll need to leave the GPS antenna alone.

The GSM antenna might be reusable  since it feeds only the (now defunct) telematics unit. But it is probably easier to sinply purchase a new GSM antenna and forget about reusing the existing antenna.

What is the GPS (and antenna) used for in the OVMS system? Does it allow you to track the position of your car remotely?

Thanks for pointing me to the Hologram website. It looks like it's pretty easy to obtain one of their SIM cards.

Definitely looking forward to getting this system installed and being able to operate the climate control system remotely. But I'm also looking forward to exploring the rest of OVMS's functionality.



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Yes: GPS allows you to track

Yes: GPS allows you to track the position of your car remotely in OVMS. I have been using all the other functions (not the GPS tab) in the app via WiFi; I also have a 'hack' for climate control that I posted on the MyNissanLeaf forum that I can reference here if you aren't familiar with that forum (there's a whole OVMS thread there now).

wes westhaver
Please post the link!

Please post the link!

I frequent the My Nissan Leaf forum and I've searched for OVMS posts but if you can point me to a particularly useful link I'd appreciate it.

My kit from Medlock and

My kit from Medlock and arrived within 5 days and included a Hologram sim.  Arrived yesterday & I just activated the sim at the Hologram website last night and worked fine.

The hologram page says it's been connecting to ATT & Sprint networks today as the car has been driven around town.

Still trying to figure all the rest of it out...

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Here's the link to an OVMS

Here's the link to an OVMS thread I started on the Nissan Leaf forum (https://mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=32715). It covers all Gen1 Leafs (2011-2017).

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