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MQTT Update intervals

Hi all!

can you explain what is the meaning of these settings, I mean when they trigger ?

Connected, idle, on, charging, awake, sendall 

I clearly  understand the "on" and "charging"  settings but the other ones are a little bit confusing.

Thanks in advance 

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In order of descending

In order of descending priority:

  1. Connected: a client (App) is connected to the module (default: 60 seconds)
  2. On: no client is connected & the vehicle is in drive mode (default: = idle time)
  3. Charging: no client is connected & the vehicle is charging (default: = idle time)
  4. Awake: no client is connected & the vehicle is awake (partially/fully) (default: = idle time)
  5. Idle: no client is connected & vehicle is idle/sleeping (default: 600 seconds)

"Sendall" defaults to disabled, if enabled (set > 0) it forces a full retransmission of all metrics in the given interval, regardless of the vehicle and client state.


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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