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factory reset after reboot

Hey folks!

I need your help on a special problem:

Everything went fine for nearly one year but - After beeing five days on vacation my Smart ED3 did not open by radio-key. 12V-Battery was now a 3V battery, hv-battery was down to 10%. Did a jump-start and charged normally on my wallbox.

The OVMS was completely resettet (by itself?!?) and i had to set it up again. Now, after replacing the damaged 12v-battery again all config is gone. even a simple reboot via web-interface crashes all config, module is booting with factory defaults...

Whats happening?

THX a lot for your support!

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Re : factory reset after reboot
I recently had the same problem, under the same conditions.
My solution was to perform a Factory ReSet, using Method 1, following the instructions at https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/userguide/factory.html via a direct USB connection from a PC.
I suspect that the problem is that with 2 firmware updates, the module's Flash memory is completely full and cannot store any configuration data.
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factory reset after reboot

If a crash or power outage occurs just while writing data to the storage partition, it can become corrupted.

In that case do a manual factory reset (as forester did), then simply restore your most recent backup.

The restore can be done via USB console or web UI -- you don't need to walk through the setup wizard before.


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