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Clarification of what's supported


New here, but trying to confirm that I've correctly understood what I've read.

2016 LEAF SL, 30kWh battery.   That's an AZE0-2 as discussed here? https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/docs/index.html#models-aze0-2

So no remote climate control (the primary feature I'm looking for) unless plugged in and charging?

What I'm not clear about is whether the TCU has to be unplugged - seems like "yes", and in the process I lose my hands free calling?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share.



Newbie Response


I just received my OVMS v3 with the 4g modem (Waiting on Hologram SIM), with my 2017 Leaf SV.  Firmware 3.3.001-33 (Dec 27, 21)    Things I've figure out so far, mixture of iOS app and webserver:

  • I can read the status: SOC,SOH, Range, 12V Battery, charge rate. 
  • I can Start and Stop charging

Things I haven't got working

  • AC On/Off
  • Door Lock/Unlock (tried default pin: 1234)
  • Wakeup Car CAN
  • Auto Stop Charge at 80% SOC (the setting is there, just doesn't send command to stop)
  • After I send a stop charge command, its held in a timerwait state so I can't just send a start charge command.  I need to reboot or cycle power to the charger, disconnect charger

If anyone has any tips/tricks to try to get more capabilities please help.

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Link to Leaf OVMS thread

You might want to checkout this thread on the Nissan Leaf Forum dedicated to replacing the Nissan TCU with OVMS (https://mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=32715).

It Works

Update:  I was able to get everything working on my Leaf, after setting the "Enable CAN Write" option (for some reason this was not checked by default).  I can now Autostop charge @ 80% SOC, lock/unlock doors (1234 pin), start/stop Climate Control.  

The Autostop charge @ 80% SOC was the main reason I purchased, I'm so glad it now works.  

The latest Firmware was required (3.3.001-117), and I now get the notifications correctly via the iOS app.


Hi @downsjh !

I'm still waiting for my hardware to arrive, but I'm curious which model year Leaf you have it working on, and where does that option live in the settings??  (once I actually receive mine, this will be very useful)

Thanks for posting!

2017 Nissan Leaf 30kWh

2017 Nissan Leaf 30kWh

In the Web server interface, Nissan Leaf -> Features -> Enable CAN writes needs to be checked/enabled.  

BTW, I also have the TCU (behind the glove box) disconnected via the Grey connector.  

2015 Nissan Leaf SL 24 kWh

2015 Nissan Leaf SL 24 kWh

I have the newest OVMS v3.3, but I haven't been able to get all the features to work. I have disconnected the TCU, Enabled CAN Write Access, and set the model year to 2015 (for CAN messaging). I've used Android, iOS, and web interface. I updated the firmware from the web (OTA) from the default server, but it appears to still be the same as the Factory Flash (3.3.001 - build 3.3.4-848 from Nov 22, 2021)

What is working:

  • I can read the statuses of SOC, SOH, range, voltage of HV and 12V battery, charge rate, TPMS, doors open/closed, temperatures of battery/cabin/ambient/charger, car mileage, VIN.
  • I am able to turn on/off the climate control. (Although I'm not sure if the box in the A/C button is supposed to light up green in the app when it's on, but it stays gray.)

What is not working:

  • Starting and Stopping Charging - It says "Stopping Charge... => Failed"
  • Locking and Unlocking Doors - It says success ("Lock Car => Ok") in the app, but nothing happens to the locks on the car.
  • Homelink - It says "Issuing Homelink Command... => Failed"

Anyone experienced this or know what the issue might be?

@downsjh - Did you pull that firmware from OTA?



For start and stop charge, you need to be running a firmware newer than about Jan 14th, so make sure you install an "edge" firmware.

I'm in the same boat regarding locking and unlocking the door, although I believe others having it working.

I don't know about home link, whatever that is.




@Lenbok - Thanks! I didn't

@Lenbok - Thanks! I didn't previously notice the stable, beta, and alpha channels. I successfully updated to the latest alpha (aka "edge") 3.3.001-282 from Feb 12 2022. This resolved the issue with starting and stopping charging.

However, I'm still not able to lock/unlock or activate the Homelink signal. (Homelink is the system to send signals to open/close Garage Doors and Gates - It might be a US only feature.) 

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I believe the Homelink button

I believe the Homelink button is programmed to turn climate control on/off (at least for the purposes of the app). The only problem is you can't tell which it is, so I typically issue a "message" command (climatecontrol on/off).

In the OVMS app, from an UI

In the OVMS app, from an UI perspective, it appears the Homelink button is distinct from the climate control (A/C) button. When I press the Homelink button in the app, it provides 4 options (1, 2, 3, and cancel). These presumably would correspond with the three programable Homelink buttons on the rearview mirror in the car.

In testing, I didn't notice any of the Homelink options turning on the climate control. However, the climate control button was working in that regard.

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Now you have me curious:

Now you have me curious: where exactly do you see a "climate control" button in the OVMS app (assume you are talking about the second (car) tab?

Android vs iOS.  Android has

Android vs iOS.  Android has an AC button, iOS does not. 

As @downsjh mentioned, the "A

As @downsjh mentioned, the "A/C" button is in the Android app but not iOS app.

I also noticed that the TPMS seems to work in the Android app but not in the iOS app.

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I really don't understand why

I really don't understand why/how the iOS and Android apps aren't aligned for the Leaf.

However, I am able to run both climate control and retrieve TPMS data from the command line (message tab) of the iOS app (for the Leaf).

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Celluar usage stats?

Whenever I try to check this on the app, I receive a message "no GPRS utilisation data available". Should I be concerned? Not sure what this means. 

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